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Harlan and Carol Wrenn

Harlan and Carol Wrenn

I believe all of us educators ask ourselves time and time again why so many of our students leave school all excited about becoming an automotive or diesel technician, only to see them so quickly leave the field.

I truly believe I have found the reason and that I’ll be able to help with materials missing from your daily training that can give your students the knowledge needed to adapt from classroom and shop training to their first workplace and the start of a great career!

Before we go any further, I want you to know that I believe in keeping things simple. I like products that get right to the point and don’t add a lot of boring, unnecessary material. I believe in e-learning and products that involve both the teacher and student. Nothing is worse than spending an hour and not knowing any more 60 minutes later than when I started.

After being basically a self-taught tech, business owner, teacher and, now, semi-retired, I’m trying to help others find and use training items essential to the survival of their students when they leave school and go to their first paying position. Much is expected of new hires; and, if part of that expectation isn’t met, most businesses don’t have the time or patience to do the necessary make-up training. So, it goes back to a simple fact: It needs to be taught, and taught correctly, by the automotive or diesel teacher.

Trainees in any area should be able to learn at their own speed in a way that suits their learning styles, using a system that keeps them wanting to learn more with an interactive, challenging format and great content written in easy-to-understand terms. Then, when they do hands-on in the training shop, it all comes together and makes good sense. Sound impossible? It’s not.

The products that I have on my website are simple, easy to use, and written so both the beginner student or the advanced technician will gain knowledge and appreciate using them. The culture of our classrooms have changed dramatically with the technological advancements made in just the last decade.  To effectively teach, we must implement teaching tools that reach the learning styles of technologically driven learners.  I have found that moving from a traditional classroom approach to a more blended approach using e-learning as much as possible has successfully reached today’s students who often disengage during long, boring lessons.

Look over what I personally believe are some great training products that I built my own program around. My promise is to provide you with the support and training. You won’t regret it!

And, don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME anytime with questions, training needs or assistance with making the right purchases to meet your specific needs.



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